About us

Although separated by 2 generations, there is much we like to share and so we created this blog simply to show our individual worldviews through the camera lens. We take turns choosing a theme and publishing the post and it’s always interesting to see what the other one focused on and how the two perspectives mix and match. Perhaps even more so when we occasionally post random images in the series: Untitled

Lauren: I love photography, illustration and all things creative. My digital design and illustration work is all on my website and you can see more of my photography on Instagram and some of my doodles on Didlr!

Clara Spencer-Gould

Laura’s grandmother & Lauren’s great-great grandmother

Laura: I’ve dabbled in the arts and crafts most of my life like a butterfly sampling this and that. Now digital cameras have taken out much of the technical hard work, photography is my more recent pastime, as can be seen on: eljaygee. Not being a purist, I enjoy developing images further with photoart tweaks at hanging up to dry, whilst also weaving words at:  Tell Tale Therapy



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